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september 12,2012

I hope that you can enjoy the energy of those days. We can experience a typical Milt energy: A very soft and balancing energy. It represents the balance between all the elements and gives an experience of deep and calm harmony. Ideal temperature, soft wind on the skin… It is like a pause between the expanding summer and the contraction of winter. A kind of magic pause, a glimpse of paradise. How would it be if we could all the time experience an harmonious flow between us and the world? It is good to have those reminder moments given so generously by Nature. For other times, when Nature starts to decay, we can decide to cultivate those qualities in ourselves. We can still appreciate all what is given through Nature, but also learn to depend less on it: Let’s cultivate our inner garden through meditation, exercises like yoga,do-in, or shiatsu!


Coming back from her first school day, my daughter said to me: ''This year we will speak about animals. For example about monkeys. Some people beleive that we come out of monkeys, other people think that we come from God, and you dad, what do you think?''

Good question indeed!

I hope that the following courses will contribute to this man/chimp-question:

  1. Spiritual research and meditation.

For those who are interested into how spiritual science discribes the creation of the univers and the place of the human being in it. I will use the work of Rudolf Steiner and others like Dennis Kloceck.

Each lesson will contain a short lecture followed by some meditations. No specific knowledge is required.

  1. Falling into the heart: Meditation meetings.

If you want to cultivate some peace and light in yourself and in your life.Basic meditations and simple breathing exercices.

  1. Shiastu massage course.

A serie of 5 lessons to learn to give a basic shiatsu massage.


  1. Meditation for French

Un groupe de méditation en français se réunis à peu près toutes les 3 semaines. Si vous êtes intéréssé(e), veuillez me contacter via mail ou par téléphone 070 402 39 42.

A chaque leçon un sujet particulier ayant trait à la méditation est abordé, puis nous passons à la pratique elle même.


If you want to read more informations about one of those courses, click here





''Human, Know Yourself !''

The Sun is smiling to us today. Almost as warm as the Sun of Delphi which invites us so powerfully to self-knowledge...

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine,spring is the season of the Liver. I will give some meditations to empower the liver's functions and experience fully this beautiful part of the year!

Do you wish to harmonize your own energy with the season, to experience the power and joy of it more fully ?

Do you want to understand what's going on in you, in your organ's system and to experience it ?

Do you wish to assist your body, to take care of your health, to stimulate the good working of your organism ?

Do you want to release old energies blocking you and experience some positive and creative energy ?

Then you may be interested into the meditation about the Liver I’m proposing :

- You will learn how is your liver working.(some basic informations!)

- You will learn some meditations to assist and stimulate the liver's functions.

- You will make a deep contact with yourself, allowing you to enjoy the life's energies more intensively.

- You will receive some tools to practice home for your health and joy. Those tools really help you to recreate yourself , more powerful and harmonious.

I will give this meditation 3 times :

- Friday 23 (next week), from 10.00 till 12.00.
- Friday 30/03 from 10.00 till 12.00
- Thursday 12/03 from 18.00 till 20.00

cost= €15,- for one time.

The meditations are independant from each other.

If your interested, phone me at 070 402 39 42, or contact me at

PS: No specific knowledge is required to follow the meditation.




I proudly present Klaartje and Mikkel, the two new guest in my house : 2 goldfishes ! It was a wish of my daughter. I didn't took it really serious but since they're here I keep staring at them like hypnotized ! So I started to look with the eyes of a phenomenologist : What does this animal say ? And of course it is like an all world starting to open its secrets. Once more I could see that the most obvious is the most difficult to see and the most speaking...

Just thinking that fishes have no neck. Trying to experience from inside having no neck. And being like as flying, in suspension in a element, out of gravity. What a contrast with our life’s, on legs to rise up against gravity, and turning our head around to watch the landscape ! How the fish stays closed to the element is swimming in. Like a fish in water is the saying. And indeed, you see them moving being almost the same of the water itself. No gravity, no legs, no arm to transform the surrounding. Just being there, in the movement itself of water. Being in such a perfect harmony that they even doesn't notice it ! And this strange form, so thin, which ask a constant movement to stay vertical, in perfect balance, day and night. They never close their eyes, they can not, they never withdraw from where they are, they never oppose any personal will to their experience : Quietness, deep alive quietness, welcome, Fishes !

According to Chinese medicine, water is the element of winter. The corresponding organs are the Kidneys. To celebrate them and to help to go through the winter I organize an evening ''meditating the Kidneys ''. It helps to get aware of those organs, to understand them better and to help life energy to flow there through knowledge and concentration.

It will be on Tuesday 24 January, at 18.30. (thus next week)

Each season I will do one evening with the organ corresponding to the season. It helps to go through the year more aware and more harmonious.

Also a special action to start the year : A first shiatsu session for €35,- ! Let it know to people around you. It is also for people who didn't came since at least 2 years. This action runs till end February.

I wish you a very good start of this year!





Merry Christmas !!!

For the ones who are happy to chair it with families, for the ones who are unhappy for the same reasons, for the ones who pretends to be unhappy and are not, and the other way arround, and for the ones who are sad and frustrated to be alone in this time of the year !

Whatever your situation, and beyond the hysterical buy buy buy, we also receive incredible rich images which resonate with our deepest being. No need to be a christian to absorb those images.

The Christmas tree being green when others trees have lost all leaves stands for eternal life. The life energy which just go on. Reminding the paradise state, where death doesn't exist.

Lighting some candles on this tree : Bringing light and warmth, which are psychic qualities, soul and spirit qualities. This simple image brings together natural life forces and inner soul world.

Christmas happens in the darkest days of the year, 3 days after the winter solstice. The birth of an inner light, in the middle of the dark. That's one of the stronger picture which can guide us through life. The nature doesn't nurture us like it does in summer, but in myself can arise a new light.

Joseph the carpenter can be seen as the thinker. The one who can think clear(head pole). Maria is the one who has purified all the will area, the desire (belly pole). Between clear head and purified desire get born Jesus the New Heart. It's in short an evolution image.

Jesus can not get born among the human's beings but in a stable, between Donkey and Os. It is to full among human's beings. In other worlds, the Ego takes all the place. So the new light comes in the instinctive animal realm : The donkey is stubborn (head pole)and can carry a charge very very long way. The Os works the earth( belly pole). Between earth and sky, in the most humble place can come the new light. Humility is balancing the ego organization.

It is one of those moment where you can put yourself in service of something bigger than yourself. Then growing from inside become possible.

They would be a lot more to say. It is just a beginning, hoping you will search for your own understanding. I wish you to be inspired, letting those beautiful helpful images resonate in you. There is so much more to discover. They touch our deep mysterious nature and are a call of self knowledge and development. A call to turn how attention towards love, the good stuff in us....

Merry Christmas,



November 7, 2011

How to become the cause of your healing process ?

With the first cold of November I'm thinking on the story of Adam and Eva pushed out of paradise. During summer the Nature offers us all what it has to offer. Nowadays its energy withdraws and it is as if we was pushed out of its abundance. We have to learn to protect us against nature in order to keep us warm.

Buddha told us that desire was the origin of suffering, getting old and sickness. Loosing paradise is also loosing harmony. It is loosing health and becoming available for diseases. Desire would be the origin of all that perish. That's the apple story !

How to understand this relation between desire and sickness ? And does it help for my healing process ?

Without being the ''awaken one'' some aspects still stroke me:

When I want something, I want to reach something I have thought before. My purpose is limited with my understanding of the moment. By wanting to reach this purpose I reduce myself to that I want to reach. My will is orientated towards this specific purpose.

I create then time : Me being here and the purpose other there and between the effort to get there. I then succeed or fail to reach that goal and create fear to fail and stress. I've eaten the apple, I've failed in time. I've lost the harmony of paradise. My desire becoming fixed on one purpose, I also become more fixed, more solid: I lose my soul flexibility and become more physical, more earthy.

By creating time I've created disharmony. Disharmony leads to aging and sickness.

Observing the origin of sickness gives some view about recovering harmony and well being : If I want some profit from my actions, I'm in time, thus mortal. Expectation, desire creates disharmony.

Can I then act without expecting any specific profit? Can I just be dedicated to what I'm doing, without caring about what I will get from it or not?

Can I fully dedicate myself to what I'm doing ? Doesn't matter if what I'm doing now is to clean the dishes or speak with a friend or raise my child, can I just fully do it, without any double agenda ? It doesn't mean that nothing will come back to me, it means that I let go of any idea about what should come back to me as consequences of my action. I just do the best I can and let the universe free to give its own answer.

Doing with non-profit mind is creative mind. We can easy see how the world is sick of profit-mind and how urgent it is for us to develop an non-profit mind, a dedicated mind. Through doing that, we can be sure that we work on our own well being and that it brings something which is a necessity for the world nowadays. It is simple, it doesn't ask for big showing off action. It just ask for discrete every day self inquiry : Do I dedicate myself to what I'm doing or do I have a double agenda? Do I expect something from my doing or am I dedicated to my action?

Paradise is then not something to reach far in the future,it is available in every single little daily action.

Dedication gives inner well being because it simply correspond to our inner nature. It is a way to let our deeper Self express itself in our life. Learning to do that more and more is recovering our true Self, the one which provides us inner joy and health.

september 29, 2011

Today is Michäel's celebration.

Are you ready to fight the Dragon?

''What Dragon? Where Dragon? Do I have to believe those things?'' would you perhaps answer.

Every thing appearing in your life as an obstacle, anything bothering you may be your personal dragon. What gives you pain or any unpleasant feeling you would prefer not to experiment like: anger, fear, jealousy, sadness, hate...That’s all forms the dragon can take. Its is so clever and can be so difficult to grasp! Changing form all the time but one thing sure: Bothering you again and again and again!

''What's this now, To fight the Bad with the Good? Are we still in the time of the Crusades?''
No it is not this kind of fight!

Michäel represents courage and will power. It is a call to cultivate personal will power. But it is not the will we are used to:In the picture below you see that Michäel is hitting the Dragon in the eye. The eye stands for the senses. Close your eyes, close your senses and go inside!

Go into your inner cavern: Here is happening the fight! We are used to want something outside our-self and to make all our efforts to reach it. That's what we usually call personal power: A state of war to get something we want. Here happens something opposite: Sit down, close your eyes, take a rest and look what's going on inside. Here is the Dragon! Reverse your will to cultivate it!

It's kind of dark other there and you need the courage of Michäel : You need to be able to stay unmoved in the middle of the storm. That's what the gray armor expresses: The quality of equanimity. Find your center, find the one in you who can see without judging, fighting, manipulating. Michäel fights without fighting, that's the secret!

By connecting your emotions with equanimity you connect to life's powers which was lying in the depth of your unconscious. Then appears a other aspect of the Dragon. It personifies the 4 powers supporting all life, the 4 elements: Fire out of the mouth of the Dragon, Air being represented by the wings, Water by the body in form of a snake (form of flowing water), and Earth being the feet. Here we connect also to the oriental meaning of the Dragon, life power, energy.

Michäel is bringing order and balance into life's powers through consciousness. The Michäel in you is bringing consciousness into the unconscious realm of natural life's forces. It is your quality of pure attention, you're ability of being, you're inner Silence, you're inner self healing power.

You're all life experience is changing. From narrow and fearful, it gets large and generous. When those natural's powers are in order around the center of your being, you deliver this woman figure, standing left in the picture, being attached to the Dragon. You deliver your Soul . A new life starts for you, based on the Soul, and not any more on the ego. You became able to love from your Soul, the real source of life.

Of course that's the aim and we don't have to do it all today! It is a step by step process. I have already fighted quiet lots of dragons in this life and if you want some help or guidance to fight yours, I 'm ready for it, and even, I love to assist others with their dragons! So if you want some help there, don't hesitate to contact me!

PS: You can also print this wonderful painting of Paollo Uccello (Firenze 1397-1475) and take some time to reflect on it. It is very impressive to see how painters of the Renaissance was aware of inner development! The title of the painting is ''St. Joris (or George) and the Dragon''. Joris was a Saint of the third century, who's was connected to Michäel 's impulses.

PPS: This text is my own view on Michäel's signification and doesn't pretend to be the only one possible. It is based on year's of helping myself and others with inner transformation and self healing process.

21 Augustus 2011

Dear Clients and friends,


Since some days we are in as perfect experience of ''Milt-energy''. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the ''Indian summer'', the 2 or 3 weeks between summer and autumn corresponds to the Earth energy and the organ Milt and Stomach.

This inter-season is a very specific moment, where all energies are in balance.
The temperature is not to warm and not to cold, we don't get blinded by a strong sun light (did we in Holland, I was away so I don't know!) but we still receive a beautiful light with lot of clarity. It is also a moment between the extrovert activities of summer and the going inside movement of autumn.

It is a good moment to take a little reflexion break before to rush into the working life. If you have been in holidays, you was outside your daily life, your daily patterns. Sometimes finding back the daily ''routine'' may give some heavy feelings.

The specific energy of this season can support you into finding more harmony in your life.

If you want to assist yourself more consciously, you can practice this:

Make a walk, feel this specific moment of the season and when you're back home take some time to sit and quietly consider all the components of your life. In this quiet look you can see how the different elements of your life speak to each other. Are they in harmony or are they fighting each other? Just look with no judgment, to get a clear information. The Milt energy also support the intellect, so make good use of it.

If you experience some disharmony, see it as a question life is asking to you: Can those elements get into harmony?

Ask the question but don't try to answer it!

Love the question for itself and...forget it! But stay alert in your daily life. Perhaps some words would cross your mind, or you would read something, or someone says you one thing which hits you...Some elements of answer will be given to you at the moment you expect the less. There are moments which are not under your control, that's why they can bring something new.

Those insights help you to know where to direct your attention if you want some improvements. They help your inner compass to orientate.

Wish you a good September start,

PS: I stay quiet general in the information I'm giving. I'm not trying to give TCM course, but to chair some experiences which I believe helpful. The main idea is that experiencing the move of the seasons consciously can have a great influence on our state of mind and emotional balance.

With a little awareness of those movements you can actually gain lot of inner changes. That's also a place Shiatsu is quiet powerful, by helping to harmonize your energy system with the energy of the season. If you want more information or to make an appointment, contact me at: or by phone (0704023942).


Shiatsu, gravity and healing forces

What makes the pression of shiatsu so pleasant and so effective ?

One of the basic principle of shiatsu is to use gravity to apply pression. That means that the therapist doesn't use any personal will power to apply pression. In other words a shiatsu pressure is completely non-intrusive .
If the pression doesn't focused on any expected result. How comes then that it still works ?

According to Rudolf Steiner, if you would push on human body progressively with always more pression, the person would lose consciousness.
The normal state of being not here with our consciousness but still being alive is while we are sleeping. And what happens during sleep ? We get restored. That means that healing forces are at work while we are sleeping. When we get awake, we get conscious of our body again, and use it to think, feel and perform actions. Doing that we make the body tired. It needs to get restored; we feel tired and go to sleep. And so on.

So pushing on the body with no fixed purpose gives space to those forces to come into action. We could say that to push on a part of a meridian is like putting a local area into sleep and allowing healing forces which are usually working at night to come and work.

This short text gives an idea how just applying pression can have huge effects.

In the course I’m giving I try to transmit more understanding about those healing forces. If you have any interest you can contact me by clicking here.

Dear friends and clients,

The course ''Meditating physiology'' has started. That's a real challenge to extract from the complexity of the physiology some clear images which can be meditated. For the lungs it took 2 sessions to get there, but the result was rewarding: it became possible to have some personal inner experiences of some aspects of the lungs. It is fascinating to discover in a new way some traditional knowledge. For example the relation between the Lungs and the God Mercurius from the Greek mythology could obviously appear. It is diving from the limited form of the organ into a vast realm of inner experiences.

Next Tuesday we make a new step by meditating the Heart. I'm very exited about what we will discover! We will use drawing as well to help us to meet the Heart!

You can find more information’s by contacting me.

Liver time: Spring is according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M) the season on the Liver. I notice that in my practice I have to treat almost every session the Liver energy.
Liver is strong connected with food in the blood and blood circulation. It transforms food coming from the intestines, store it and send it via the blood to the parts of the body which needs it. If you want to do something you need forces into the muscles to perform the action. That's the job of the Liver to send the food (sugar for example) at that specific muscles. So is the Liver strong connected to action, concrete doing.

Think about the juice rising up into plants and trees and of the blood circulating in the body and you start to have a little idea of the connection between Liver and Spring.

Spring is also a very good time for cleaning the Liver with a Liver cure. For example with the cureof doc. Clark.

Les bons trucs de tonton Christophe:

If you notice that you have a negative image of yourself, instead of trying to change it, or manipulate it, or spending lot of energy to built a nice mask in front of it (yes, we all do that!), just go in front of a mirror, look into your eyes and just speak your conviction about yourself. For example ''I'm lazy''. Just look and wait and stay attentive about what happens in you. If you do it with enough care and attention, you will see that this conviction can not resist to the simple act of looking: It starts to move, draw back and slowly to reverse into some well being feeling.

Do all that with no expectation, learn to observe and follow what happens in you without interacting. The principle is simple, but to do it asks some subtlety in looking without interacting.

A group is starting in The Hague to train the perception of the formative forces being active in what we perceive. I will learn plenty of exercises to guide people from usual perception to more subtle perception. Doing that helps to develop a sense of deep connection with the world. It is actually an very practical spiritual way, rooted in our daily perception.
If you have any interest you can
contact me or contact Frans Romeijn, who is giving the course.

Dear Clients and friends,

a new series of 4 meditations is coming:

Meditating and drawing the 4 elements,
Fire, Air, Water and Earth

4 evenings, one element per evening.

The meditation starts with observation and description of the element. From that we will make a drawing to put all what we have seen into one image. This image will be then support of our meditation. The meditation consists then in concentration on what have been seen to intensify the feelings experience. It creates an heart connection with the element.

The purpose of this process is to move from appearance into the forces behind appearance.
It gives a feeling of deep connection with the natural world.

It is very beautiful to do it especially at that time of the year, while every forces are rising so strongly, the warmth coming, the plants growing, the flower blossoming.

If you want to inscribe or to ask questions don't hesitate to phone me at 070 402 39 42,
or to send me an

Date: 10, 17, 24, 31 Mai. From18.00 till 19.30

Price: €15,00/evening.
Location: Hoge Zand 3A, The Hague.

Hoping to see you soon,

Christophe Dumont.

Dear Clients and friends,

Next week starts the course “If my organs could speak''. Very few reactions came in and I have the naivety to believe that ''if they would really know what it is about already 100 persons would have phone!''. The course is all about how you can see the physiology as an expression of movements of the soul.

I'm so enthusiastic about this approach because it is (dis-)solving the duality head/body without denying the intellect. Like almost everybody of that time I experience very often that I’m to much in my head and would like to experience life itself instead of thinking about it! This method proposes steps to transform the dry intellect into life forces.

But, lets be true immediately, it ask some work!

Here we use physiology as a mean to build inner images of the life of the organs.

For example that the blood in the kidneys flows from the center to the periphery, and in the liver from the periphery to the center shows us a polarity in movements.

Movement is a language that the soul understands: all the day going from one feeling to an other, one thought to an other, from one impulse to an other.

In this course we go from fixed images of organs to images of their specific movements. And those images become support of meditation. Meditating those images has in return influences on the organs and on the soul state.

The intellect has been transcended into life forces..

This method is in complete harmony with the state of development we are nowadays. We also almost magically find back many knowledge of the old wisdom, but being rooted in our scientific knowledge, no ''master'' is needed.