Study group "Spiritual science " from Rudolf Steiner

Inscription possible any moment, a group starts when 5 inscribtions are in.


To study the basic knowledge of the spiritual science as given by Rudolf Steiner in his book "Science of the occult"( Die geheimwissenschaft im Umriss, GA 13).

Structure of one lesson:

- Presentation and explanation of one chapter of the book "Science of the occult".
- Questions and discussion.
- Possibly meditation based on what has been studied.


The "Science of the occult"refers to a knowledge, which was in the ancients times reserved for initiated people in temples. ( Greece, Egypt, India, Inca and many more). Since renaissance we have learned through scientific development, to develop the forces of the individual thinking: The intellect. Gaining this individual force is gaining in individual freedom, but we had to pay a high price: The progressive loss of any connection with the content and the experiences of the ininiatic knowledge.

Through the work of Rudolf Steiner, we can nowadays use our recently developed intellect to get in touch with this specific knowledge. It is a kind of new and modern initiatic way, which happens in a full daylight, the light of the ratio.

Subsequent topics:

- Human structure according to the spiritual science.

- Creation of the universe, the planets, the minerals, plants, animals and human beings.

- Evolution of the universe and the role of the human being in it.

- The spirituals hierarchies, their actions and interactions.

- Sleep and death. Origin of sickness.

- Freedom and love.


15 eu. per lesson.

One lesson is around 2 hours long.

Frequency: One lesson a month.

Number of participant: Between 5 and 12. A group starts when 5 inscriptions are in.


French, English and Dutch. The choice will depend on the group.

location and contact:

Hoge Zand 3A

Den Haag

070 402 39 42