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Journey through the secret life of the organs.
The Heart.

Do you experience too often that your Head and your Heart as being disconnected from each other?

Do you wish to connect knowledge to spiritual forces?

Do you wish to develop some clear methods to developp your inner life?

Do you want to connect deeper to yourself and to trees, the blue sky, people?

Are you searching for a more true connection to things?

Then this Heart meditation day may be for you!

Since years I'm helping people with physical pains having psychic roots.
I've noticed how important it is to have a steady base if you want to work on how psychic forces and body influence each other.

I've seen also how ignorance is one of our biggest blockages in one personal evolution. When you know how to connect deeper vto what's going on in yourself or in anything youn observe, there is at least one big consequence: You feel more connected, thus more alive. You're life becomes just more intense!

Let's bring knowledge and heart together!

During this day “Heart meditation” we will use physiology as a steady base for our visualisations and drawings. That's a very unusual way to connect to the heart, isn’t it?

You will learn some new meditation's ways which guide us from superficial perception till the core energy of what you are looking at or studying. Being a flower, a tree, an organ or a feeling, it doesn't matter: When you understand the principle you can apply them to anything you want to.

No fight between head and heart anymore!
What will we do:

We will learn the 4 steps meditation: This meditation is a path to deeply connect to whatever you relate to.
We will study some basic physiology.
We will draw the processes happening in the human body.
We will use physiology as object of meditation.
This day is dedicated to te heart: We will connect to our heart in a very unsual way and discover what our heart has to teach to us.



Do you want to be a eternal student of life?
Do you want to participate to the secret life of your heart?
Here are the practical information:

Location: Praktijkcentrum de Morgenster, Laan van Meerdervoort, 352-A2563 BB Den Haag

Date: Saturday 19 July. From 10.00 to 17.00 (around). Bring some lunch with you. There is also a café in the neighbourhood. One our lunch pause.
Price: 90,00 eu.

To inscribe contact me at

If you have something on the Heart you want to say, it is the moment to say it on my blog by clicking here!



Journey through the secret life of the organs.

We start with the Liver.


- Find back the feeling of wonder you had as a child while looking at nature!

- Reconcile intellect and feelings.

- Meditate according to western minds

- Make a bridge between official medicine and alternative medicine.

- Learn to use visualisations.

- Learn how to develop a perception of subtile energies.(Can be applied to feel the organs as well as everything else)

Are you ready for this journey?
Contact me at 070 402 39 42 or via mail by clicking here.

Location: Praktijkcentrum de Morgenster, Laan van Meerdervoort, 352-A2563 BB Den Haag

Date: Saturday 24 mei. From 10.00 to 17.00 (around). Bring some lunch with you. There is also a café in the neighbourhood. One our lunch pause.
Price: €90,-

PS: You can read more about this course in the blog section by clicking here

PPS: You can inscribe till Wenesday 21 Mei. So Hurry up if you want to come!








A modern way of initiation:

The cosmic evolution
as inner experience

'' If we go deeper into the detail of this (cosmic) evolution we will succeed to experience in our soul an alive overall picture of all the spirituals events and this image will have a specific property. (...)
The human being will be able to spiritualise the bodily functions and will also be in state of regulating the spiritual forces of the external world. The force of Christ will reign and act in him.
This impulsion, if strong enough, can reach the same goal than the one of antic path of initiation.''

Rudolf Steiner, The Gospel of Jean in relation to the other Gospels. (GA 112)

Vast program isn't it?
But don't worry, we will walk it step by step, everyone do it on its own rhythm, nothing can be forced in this work...

This course addresses to beginners feeling attracted to this particular spiritual path as well as people having already a good knowledge of Rudolf Steiner work.

Perhaps you have already studied the cosmic evolution according to R. Steiner but so many aspects stay unclear that you would like to dive into it again.

Or you feel deeply touched by it but also would like that those stories become somehow more concrete to you.

I will not hide the fact that this study ask for motivation and courage: It's a very vast study (just about who we are and how the all cosmos is created!...). It ask thus to stay consequent in the search.


I'm here to facilitate this job! Since years and years I'm studying and meditating this subject. I'm giving lessons to a small group which I thank for giving me the opportunity to refine and renew the lessons and meditations.

As alive knowledge, this huge image of the cosmic evolution is of course impossible to set into a definitive picture. At contrary, it stays an open and alive image which always gets nourished through new perspectives, new insights and new implications for our daily life. This growing inner picture becomes an inner ground, a soil on which we can rest, find trust, energy and impulses to solve our individual challenges.

We can understand here how our little individual evolution can contribute to the evolution and recovery of the all Earth.

We can understand that we are not completely powerless regarding the big issues of our time. We can see that each step of any individual towards more harmony has effect on the all. This understanding leads us to more enthusiasm and implication into the world.

The materialistic vision of an earth floating into an empty cosmos where only mechanical forces are playing can only lead us to feelings of emptiness and absurdity of life. This vision can just not answer to any spiritual intuition.

This course addresses those who have the intuition or even the vision of some spiritual world acting behind matter.

After all it belongs to you to form your inner world. I can just facilitate the work by offering the result of my own studies. I mainly hope that it will motivate you to create own pictures, to form your own understanding.

You're creativity stays completely free.

From those meditations you can expect deep effect on you're being. Working with picture of the cosmic evolution slowly but surely brings some deep feeling of inner safety, calm and trust towards the events of your life. Even if youre not quite sure of how it works exactly, you just notice that you're changing...

'' The anthroposophy gives to the human being some spiritual nourishment which doesn't come from the senses.'' R.Steiner

Content of one lesson:
- Description of a part of the cosmic evolution as described by Rudolf Steiner
- Guided meditations so that the content of the lesson becomes an inner experience which makes sense to you.
- Sharing of inner experiences if you wish to do so.


Tempted by the adventure? You can contact me via mail: Click here, or via telephone: 070 402 39 42


Dates: Monday evenings, 18.30-20:00, every two weeks.

Free open lesson on Monday 28 October 2013 at 18.30

€ 65, - for 5 basic lessons
- If continuation, €15, -/lesson, each lesson being independent from others.
Inscription and more information:
Tel :070 402 39 42
Language: English or Dutch. There is a Dutch group meeting on Friday






Spiritual science and Meditation.

Five introduction lessons

  • You’re a spiritual seeker.
  • You would like to meditate within a group.
  • You’re searching for a solid base for your own practice.

Then this course can be for you:
A basic course about:

  • The 4 bodies of a Human being.(visible and invisible bodies)
  • A brief history of development of human consciousness
  • Why me? From stuck in your thinking till creative Mind.

With meditation, visualisations and art exercises.

A Place where beauty meets knowledge.

Dates: Monday evenings, 18.00-20:00, every two weeks. Starts 11/02/2013

Price: -€ 50, - for the 5 basic lessons
- If continuation, € 15, -/lesson, each lesson being independent from others.

Inscription and more information:
Tel :070 402 39 42
Language: English. There is a Dutch group meeting on Friday morning. If interest just contact me.





New lessons in september 2012:

1) Meditation and shiatsu massage.

( For dutch text, click here)

Purpose of the lessons: To meditate and give a basic shiatsu massage which favorise vitality, health and a calm mind.

Structure of one lesson:
- We begin with a meditation helping to clear and strengthen the 3 main centers of the human being. We will start each time with the same meditation. Through repetition the effect of the meditation becomes a concrete experience. It allows to integrate this meditation in your system and to be able to do it at home alone. It is a very strong and healthy meditation to start the day.

- Perception exercices: how can I get to experience energy? we will make some exercices to discover our inner habilities to perceive forces behind things. Learning about clear intention and concentrated attention.

- Do-in: exercises for the body helping the energy to flow freely in the meridian system. It helps for well-being feeling.

- Pause; coffee, tea.

- Shiatsu: a little bit of theory about the yin/yang, but more practice. we will learn a basic shiatsu massage.

*Lesson 1: Yin/Yang aspect of the human body. Shiatsu of the back.

*Lesson 2: repetition of the back+ legs. ( bladder meridian).

*Lesson 3: Mobilisation and shiatsu of shoulders, neck. how to help someone with stif neck/shoulders. (Triple heater meridian).

*Lesson 4: Yin/yang in relation with the position of the meridians. (Stomach meridian)

*Lesson 5: Yin/yang and the meridian system; sides of the body and liver/gallbladder energies.

Special attention will be given to a respectful and pleasant touch. A soft touch allows deep effects.

The purpose of the first part of the lesson, before the pause, is to get prepared for giving a massage: you will higher your energy level, develop some self-awarness and get more quiet in your mind.

The theory part is about to know a little bit what you’ re busy with, and have some insight about the human being as a microcosmos in the macrocomos.

Pratical informations:

Max 15 person per lesson.


Het Coachhuis
Raamweg 4
Den Haag.

De locatie is goed te bereiken met openbaar vervoer, 15 minuten lopen van Centraal Station. Er gaat ook een tram. Jullie kunnen vóór de deur parkeren, dat kost wel € 1,70 per uur. Graag aanbellen op de 2 de verdieping.

To reserve, you can phone at 070 402 39 42 or mail at

Price: 375 eu. for 5 lessons. (2,5 ours per lesson)


1 Friday lessons 2. Saterday lessons
3. newyear lesson
vr 12 oktober 2012
vr 26 oktober 2012
vr 9 november 2012
vr 16 november 2012
vr 7 december 2012
za 20 oktober 2012
za 27 oktober 2012
za 3 november 2012
za 17 november 2012
za 8 december 2012

za 19 januari 2013
za 2 februari 2013
za 16 februari 2013
vr 1 maart 2013
vr 15 maart 2013

Friday: 18:00 till 20:30

Saterday: 10:00 till 12:30

2)Spiritual science and Meditation.

( For dutch text, click here)

Structure of one lesson: Short lecture followed by some meditations.

We will start with some images about the creation of the world according to Rudolf Steiner and Denis Kloceck.
We will start with the so called '''Saturn's time'', followed by the Sun, Moon and Earth.

The accent is on Saturn, because here happens the achetypes of what will later develop. To meditate some images from this time can lead to strong inner experience. Our deepest structures are here touched, very closed to the source...

Cental idea from this serie: To get some picture about ''falling out of paradise'' gives some intuitions and impulses on the way back to our Divine nature and also helps to perceive the divine in nature.

Other subject which will come:

  • Organ meditation. To understand some basics about our organs and to experience their energies.

  • The 4(or 5) elements. Earth, Water, Air, Fire. Meditations on plants, stones, etc...

Focus: To perceive the forces beyond the surface of what we usually see and experience a deep connection with everything arround.

  • Alchemical transformation: What do I do with darkness in me?. Transformation of emotions. Comparison between meditative states and alchemical processes.

There is really a lot to discover!
Big accent will be on inner experience!


  • Friday morning from 10.00 to 12.00, every two weeks
  • 15,00 €/lesson
  • Each lesson independant from others. Free to come or not to each lesson. Just let me know each time if you come, for practical preparations.

If you want to inscribe or more informations mail at or phone at 070 402 39 42

3) Falling into the heart: Meditation meetings.

A basic meditation course to adress our deepest nature.
Regulary taking time for contacting some deep inner silence allows us to develop more inner knowledge, balance, clarity and peace of mind.


  • - Monday evening from 18.30 to 20.00, every two weeks
  • - 12,00€/lesson
  • -Each lesson independant from others. Free to come or not to each lesson. Just let me know each time if you come, for practical preparations.
  • Contact, or 070 402 39 42


4) Méditation en français.

Un groupe de méditation en français se réunis à peu près toutes les 3 semaines. Si vous êtes intéréssé(e), veuillez me contacter via mail mailto: ou par téléphone 070 402 39 42.

A chaque leçon un sujet particulier ayant trait à la méditation est abordé, puis nous passons à la pratique elle même.











Past events:


Saturday 14 July; science and meditation
Saturday 28 July: Esoteric Christendom and meditation: alchemy of emotions.

We will discover and practice some ways to gain more mastership over our own lives.

Science and meditation:

Science is confirming it: we have the ability to free ourselves from blocking programs and create new inner dynamics that are in harmony with our ideals. In this morning we will learn some basic principles of transformation and directly apply them: we will make step for step meditations to transform inner blockages into new creative energies. I will use the work of Mr. Joe Dispenza.

Esoteric Christendom; alchemy of emotions:

The alchemy offers very beautiful images about the way of self-transformation. We will start to explore those images and use them as guideline for our meditation. If you want to transform some dark spots blocking you into light and creative force.

Those two courses can be done independently.

From 10.00 till 12.30
Price: €20, - per lesson.

Language: Dutch, English, French. According to the group.

If you are interested, contact me via phone 070 402 39 42 or click here to mail me.

3) Meditations starting in September:

In September some meditation lessons will start on Monday evenings and Friday mornings. If you are interested, reserve some space in your agenda and let me know as quickly as possible. It is then easier to organize according to the spoken languages. More information about it follows in the coming e-zine.


Summer is coming!
This the season of the Heart, the Fire element!
Make a step towards your Heart! Learn to know it, to understand it and to feel its energy:

An heart meditation

is planed the first of june from 10.00 till 12.00.
It costs €15,-.






The creation and the evolution of the human being according to Rudolf Steiner.


Those meditations are a big help to understand and integrate through own experience some teaching of R. Steiner from its basic book: Esoteric teaching (GA 13). It gives some perspectives about who we are, and how it can be that we contain good stuff and bad stuff. It will help to connect to our deepest nature and to see better why we get so often lost in our little personality, losing our own joyful power.

Price: €15, - / meditation session.
Data : 5 Fridays from 10.00 till 12.00. We start at 8 June.
If several persons wish another date, we can look for it.

Contact: Christophe Dumont Hoge Zand 3A 2512EK Den Haag
Tel: 070 402 39 42-Email:
Website: www.innerchoice-shiatsu.nlLanguage; Dutch, English or French, depending of the group.


If you are interested phone me at 070 402 39 42, or mail at




" Meditating the Liver''

- Friday 23 (next week), from 10.00 till 12.00.
- Friday 30/03 from 10.00 till 12.00
- Thursday 12/03 from 18.00 till 20.00Language: Dutch, English or French, depending of the group.

see also the webblog for more informations


Tuesday 24 January 2012, at 18.30: evening ''Meditating the Kidneys ''.

It helps to get aware of those organs, to understand them better and to help life energy to flow there through knowledge and concentration.

Each season I will do one evening with the organ corresponding to the season. It helps to go through the year more aware and more harmonious.

Past events:

Mai 2011: 4 elements Fire Air, Water, Earth:
meditation and drawing

Mars 2011: If my organs could speak

September- december 2010:

6 November 2010: Organ's Constellation

Anthroposophic meditation and shiatsu

4 elements: meditations and constellations

4 elements: meditations and art

Summer 2010:

Subtil meeting is healing






Possible to inscribe anytime:Study group "Spiritual science " from Rudolf Steiner

Harmonising Thinking, feeling and willing:
The 6 exercises from Rudolf Steiner.
a new goup starts when 5 inscriptions are in.