Less pain and more harmony

A shiatsu therapy supports the healing forces hidden in you

You will find on this page some examples of pains that shiatsu treats, my qualification for helping you, a description of a shiatsu treatment, the cost and a list of insurances reimbursing the sessions.

Shiatsu is for people wanting a lasting improvement of their physical and/or emotional pains and who are looking for a treatment in harmony with themselves.

Here are few example of symptoms shiatsu can help. Those example are only here to give a general idea about shiatsu.

- You suffer from back pain. Those pains are very often due to tensions between organs.Shiatsu helps to relax the tensions in the back and also in the organ's system. The differents levels of the pain are taking cared of.

- Some emotions are blocking you (like fear, anger or sadness). The organ's store the emotions. To free the energies of the organs allow us to integrate emotional blockades. You deal with your life more calm and free.

- Other examples:

- Neck pain,
- Joint pain,
- Headache,
- Menstrual and hormonal problems,
- Help with allergy and hypersensitivity,
- Circulation problems,
- R.S.I,
- Stress,
- Insomnia; fatigue,
- Restlessness, concentration problems,
- Depression,
- Fears, anxiety,
- Help with psychosis.( I only work if you are also in therapy by a specialist)
- Lost of contact with own emotional life.

A shiatsu treatment doesn't replace a medical treatment.

Combining intuitive and rational knowledge’s gives flexibility and force to my therapy:

By practicing sculpture I was intuitively discovering the self healing ability we all have. I've been inspired by forms coming from all the world and from prehistoric time till nowadays. This diversity helped me to experience a common center that we all chair. This center we all have is the source of our self-healing power.

I've developed a very fine approach of the forces playing behind the visible symptoms. A refined diagnose allows a deep and efficient treatment. At early age I had some ''energy sensations'' without knowing what it was. To understand closer those strange sensations I began to study sculpture. But it was not enough. I made some workshop about energy in sacred places, I did some Chi-Kong, Tai-Chi and Aikido to gather more knowledge and experiences about those perceptions going further than matter.

By learning shiatsu I had access to a knowledge of body's energy and to the wisdom carrying this knowledge. I also started some Zen meditation to go deeper into the inner world.

In the same time I was completing those sensitive approaches with some scientific learning: anatomy, physiology and pathology.

I can nowadays integrate the oriental energetic knowledge into our occidental approach. I'm studying since years the occidental spirituality. It gives to my therapies a rationnal and large frame adapt to our mentality and needs. The difficulties you encounter are seen as potential help to your evolution, if you know how to listen to them.

I have my Shiatsu practice since 2004 and could help people with many different complains. Sometimes physical, sometimes emotional, or in combination. I'm still developing with the same pleasure and thirst to discover.

With a shiatsu therapy you can expect deep changes:

- Yours pains are gone or are less. You are in better shape and you move more freely.

- You naturally need less and less medications by getting stronger from inside. It is important not to interrupt any other treatment by coming to shiatsu. A shiatsu treatment doesn't replace a medical treatment. You will feel it when it will be time to diminish the medications and can then do it in agreement with your doctor.

- You know by experience that integrated emotions give you forces. You know better how to behave towards your emotions. You have the experience of the way of integration. You can rely on this experience to go on by your own. You have gain more autonomy.

You feel more one, more alive, more harmony within yourself and with the world.

The treatment:

You are fully clothed during the treatment; to fully enjoy it, bring some easy clothes in cotton in which you can relax and move easily. If you have a T-shirt, it is better to have long sleeves. It is recommended to drink sufficiently after a session.

The subtle touch of shiatsu allows you to experience deep feelings and sensations. The treatment happens in the silence of a concentrated attention. You can deeply relax in this silence. This relaxation allows deep and subtle changes. Thus the healing process can be supported on deep levels.

Some emotions can appear while some area are getting unblocked. Those emotions are welcomed and integrated during the treatment. You can experience more freedom in yourself and your life.

During a session you experiment the energy getting free and you feel more vital but be careful: sometimes the pains are getting worse before to lessen. What was sclerotic and unsensitive find life and sensitivity back. It is comparable to having frozen hands: The moment of unfreeze is painful because life, blood are anew circulating. This passage belongs to the healing process.

Shiatsu has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
If you want to know more about some basic principles of it, click here

Also as extra:

You can get some tools to help your healing process like specific exercises or meditations.

Shiatsu can be helpful because:

- The cause of your pains is addressed. You can then expect real and deep changes.

- You learn from your pains. The contact with yourself and your surrounding becomes more true and more alive. You get more pleasure in your life.

I don't pretend that I can help everywhere and solve everything, but beside helping the pains to diminish, I certainly can help you to experience those deep moments of well being and contact with yourself, which allows you to find your inner compass. You get insights which help you to step further in your life.


You get the first session reimbursed if you are not satisfied with it.

You have one week after the session to decide about it. You have thus enough time to let the session resonate in you and see what you want.

Treatment fees:

first session: 60.00 euro for 1,5 hour.

session after:

  • 75,00 euro per 1,5 hour.

Cancellation policy:

An appointment can be cancelled 24 hours before session. Otherwise the session will be charged.


You know now what to expect from a shiatsu therapy.
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These are the insurance companies partially or totally covering Iokai Shiatsu: You are covered only with a ''Plus Pakket. ''

It is advised to contact your insurance company for specifics about receiving financial reimbursement and mention you're treated by a registered Iokai Shiatsu therapist.

Member of the V.I S(Vereniging Iokai Shiatsu Therapeut): A2004148

Registration number at SRBAG : 162558

In 2012 lots of companies are changing their conditions for reimbursement.

The trend is to reimburse less and less alternative treatments or even to simply stop with them.

To help you to see those changes clearly and thus choose more consciously you can find bellow a link to a list giving informations about all the insurance companies in The Netherlands.
In this list you can find informations about the following items: ''Totaal Alternatieve Pakket-Fysiotherapie-Brillen en Contact lenzen- Psychologische hulp-Acupunctuur- Chiropractor- Homeopathie.''

The list is in Dutch, but the ciphers speak by themselves.

We didn't compare the basic insurance because they are similar but the alternative options. For each company you can find informations about 3 alternative options : The lowest, the highest and one in the middle.

Those ciphers are meant for a person being 40 years old. Certain companies modify their cost according to the age, but we don't give those differences in this study.

To open the list 2013 of the insurance's companies, click here.

- Other good site which compares the insurance companies:

PS: This list aim to help you to find quickly necessary informations to choose more freely but doesn't give any advise.

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