How do i work ?

You can read on this page which results you can expect from a therapy, what are the basics concepts behind it, and in what is specific in my approach.

The results you can expect from a therapy :

Your pains are gone or are less. Some chronicle pains which you had since years can disappear completely. You move more freely. You know better which energies cause your pains. You have learned some specific exercises to facilitate the flow of those energies.

You feel in contact with yourself. You experiment a deep relaxation. Sometimes you get the feeling to be connected with a deep source of energy in yourself. You feel life flowing in you. This sensation allow you to experience a deep inner quietness which gives you trust in life. You feel gratefulness for life and get the impulse to participate more fully .

You have a general view on your symptoms. Their origin is more clear to you and you don't lose time any more with fighting effects.

You know better what to do if some pain is coming. You have a sort of code of conduct in case of crisis. You just understand better how it works what to do in case of pain or heavy emotion.

You feel more one, solid, grounded. You feel more in the now, with the feeling you can cope. You know yourself better. You're more able to recognize and integrate your emotional life. You're more open to yourself and to the world. Your relations are going better.

Some basic concepts behind the therapy:

There is a center in you absolutely healthy, whatever the sickness you have. Every healing proceed from this center. The therapist only encourage the action of this source. A session helps you to discover and experiment this healing force in you.

Energetic dis harmonies become physical problems if they last to long. To treat the energy flow is to treat more near to the cause of the problems. One disharmony in the energetic system can cause many physical issues. To treat it can then improve many symptoms at once. For the same reason is a treatment preventive. It is possible to treat a problem before it becomes physical.

Not digested emotions create blocks in the body. When emotions are to strong, specially during childhood, they can not be lived completely. The body keeps them as unconscious memories in the organ system. They bring perturbations in the organ's which evolve into pain or sickness. When those emotional charges are liberated, you get aware of it. The organ's system can again function normally.

Every healing process provokes more awareness. You have been through pain or difficult emotions... All this way made you richer. You have learned a lot about yourself, others and the world. A real healing gives a feeling of gratefulness towards life.

How do I work?

Your body knows. He knows the way of healing. I deeply listen to it and follow.

Experience first! Silence first! Deep listening first! The intensity of the listening allows deep causes of yours pains to be perceived. I can then invite them to change, softly but clearly.

I work on the level where it is necessary. Sometimes it is better to work on the physical tissues, sometimes on the energy, sometimes with the emotions, sometimes on more spirituals levels. It is you and your energy which indicate me where to work.

All what is living in you is fully welcome. When blockages are seen and welcomed, they move into positive forces. You feel liberated and closer to your life source.

What makes my approach unique?

A subtle and solid approach. Only a deep contact with what's happening in you allows a real healing process. My touch is soft and deep. I listen to the deep language of the body and know how to give it a voice. I know where to work and on which level. The deepest and subtle changes are the most efficient.

I maintain and develop my listening qualities through daily meditation. This inner presence allows understanding and compassion to arise, necessary forces for real healing.

I start each treatment with a new eye. I perceive what happens in you in the present moment. I answer to what is actually happening, with great alertness and open mind.

My session are intense and pleasant. You experience the deep relaxation of being touched in all respect. You're fully welcome with no judgment. You can relax in trust. This trust gives opportunity to work in the deep.

You don't have to become Chinese to follow my therapy! I combine the eastern approach of the Chinese medicine with the occidental approach of the anthroposophy. The basics concepts of the Chinese medicine are integrated to our western needs and mentality.

You have now a better idea about my way of working and the results you can expect. If you want tow know more about a shiatsu therapy, click here.


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''Gedurende een wat langere periode ben ik, Helene, in eerste instantievoor, ontspanning naar Christophe Dumont gegaan. 

Het mooie van de behandeling vind ik dat Christophe al heel veel aan je aanwezige energie kan voelen en daar wat mee kan doen. Voor mij is dat bijvoorbeeld rust en ruimte in mijn hoofd creeeren wat weer energie geeft. 

In die periode had ik ook vaak spanningshoofdpijn en ik ben nu meer dan een jaar niet meer bij Christophe geweest en heb nog zelden hoofdpijn.

Christophe laat je zelf beter bij je gevoel komen en  dat is heel belangrijk om te kunnen zijn wie je bent.

Door zijn toedoen heb ik hele bijzondere dingen ervaren zowel door gesprekken waarin hij je helpt naar je gevoel en je omgeving te kijken en door de shiatsu behandeling die een rust en ontspanning geven in mijn hoofd waardoor ik juist meer energie kreeg.

Mijn man was al eerder eens bij Christophe geweest omdat hij vaak last had van overmatige allergische reakties, hooikoorts, stof enz. En na een aantal behandelingen was deze allergie vrijwel geheel verdwenen.''

Helene de Roos