I work with people striving to a deep and lasting improvement of their physical and/or psychic pains.

You will find on this page a description of the persons I’m working with and which kind of symptoms I’m working with. you can easily see if what I do correspond to what you are searching.

I work with people having chronicle physical pains or going through a difficult emotional time. Those pains may exist since very long and their cause seems to be very difficult to point. Doctors and specialists can't find any physical cause, although you're suffering. Or you have many different symptoms and the treatments fight each other.

You're looking for a treatment being in harmony with who you are and respecting the laws of your body. You don't want any more any treatment being aggressive towards the body and having unpleasant side effects. You want a treatment allowing you to feel better, to experience your body and your life as pleasant and strong.

Do you recognize yourself in one of the following scenario's:

You get pain often but doctors can not find anything or can not treat you. Those pains can be very diverse, they can be more mechanical or more organic: for example back pain, digestive pain, menstruation. Or your resistance is very low and every winter you get cold hands and feet and you get easy viruses.

You have several chronicle problems and you receive treatments who are in contradiction with each other. Every specialist treats its part. The side effects of one treatment make the other worse or even create new problems. There is no general picture which could give any connection between the pains. They is no global and rational strategy in the treatments.

Only your physical pains are treated but nobody hears your suffering behind them. You are taken by a medical machine which cut you in little peaces and don't see you any more. You are seen as an anonymous exemplar of a sickness but nobody has any interest for you who are going though those difficulties. It is as if your own sickness wouldn't concern you! You have the feeling that your own healing process is going completely out of your hands.

You're going through difficult time. Some emotions are overwhelming and you need more peace and clarity. Some physical pains are sometimes coming while your emotional life gets difficult, but you still can not grasp it. It's going out of your hands. All those emotions like, sadness, fears, anger seems to come in your way and block you to do what you want to do. You want to have a grip on your life but don't know how to do it.

You are not sick but you are searching a deeper contact with yourself. You enjoy being touched with full attention and concentration, which helps you to feel alive from top to toes.

Who benefits the best from my treatments?

People who want a deep and lasting improvement of their pains. You had very often many treatments which were fighting the symptoms without seeing the cause of them. The causes being not treated, the pains come back, under the same form, or they take an other form.

You experience your pains as obstacle to fully experience your life and you are striving towards more freedom and harmony. It feels as if your life was stolen from you. You want your life back, you want to feel life flowing in your veins, your enthusiasm to go and do. You want to act from yourself and not being acted by outside circumstances.

Do you want your pains being deeply lessened and do you want to be the director of your own life?

Let me help you to reduce your pain and find life more enjoyable!
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''I started with Christophe a process that was magic in the sense that I did not know what was happening or sometimes I did not understand his questions, but I was soon healed of anguish and sadness. He guided me to get in touch with the feeling that was hidden under the anguish, which was sadness. And then to change it for peace. ''